Seizing the Climate Investment Opportunity

December 21, 2023

The urgent need to address climate change has created a massive investment opportunity across all sectors. Achieving a low-carbon future requires a fundamental reallocation of capital, with annual investments needing to increase significantly from current levels. While market forces, falling renewable energy costs, and increased investor pressure are already propelling the transition, clean tech solutions alone cannot achieve decarbonization. Attaining a low-carbon future requires encompassing and transforming high-emitting sectors.

Global GHG emissions by sector

The Limitations of Traditional Investor Approaches

Different investor approaches have emerged in response to the climate investment opportunity. Some investors target cleantech solutions, hoping to capitalize on the growth of renewable energy and other sustainable technologies. Others construct “low carbon” portfolios using carbon footprinting techniques. However, both approaches miss opportunities in high-emitting sectors that need to transition. A more comprehensive approach is necessary to capture the full potential of the climate investment opportunity.

Lombard Odier’s Climate Transition Strategy

Lombard Odier, a leading global wealth and asset manager, proposes a Climate Transition Strategy that takes a comprehensive view across all sectors. This strategy targets low-carbon opportunities and high-emitting sectors with viable transition pathways. Additionally, the plan recognizes the importance of adaptation strategies in preparing for the impacts of climate change. By adopting this approach, investors can fully align with a net-zero economy.

A Holistic Approach to Climate Investment

We must take a holistic approach to fully capitalize on the climate investment opportunity. This approach goes beyond solely focusing on cleantech solutions and concentrates instead on transforming high-emitting sectors toward net-zero emissions. This comprehensive approach ensures we notice every industry and facilitate the necessary transitions. Investors can significantly impact and contribute to a sustainable future by considering mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Capturiant’s Role in the Climate Investment Landscape

Capturiant is at the forefront of the emerging market for non-nature-based carbon credits. Their platform connects investors with projects that mitigate emissions in heavy industry, oil and gas, energy, and manufacturing sectors. By participating in Capturiant, investors can diversify their portfolios while actively contributing to emissions reduction in high-impact sectors.

The urgency to address climate change has generated a significant investment opportunity spanning all sectors, necessitating a substantial reallocation of capital. While traditional investor approaches often overlook high-emitting sectors, Lombard Odier’s Climate Transition Strategy, in conjunction with Capturiant’s pioneering role in non-nature-based carbon credits, advocates for a holistic approach targeting both low-carbon opportunities and these emissions-intensive industries. By embracing these comprehensive strategies, investors can align with a net-zero economy, drive substantial change, unlock the full potential of the climate investment opportunity, and contribute to a sustainable and resilient future.

This article was written by Catalina Row (Environmental Consultant, Entoro ESG Advisors).

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