Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All your questions about Capturiant answered.


What is Capturiant?
What is the purpose of Capturiant?
What issues does Capturiant solve?
Why is Capturiant being created now?
What is the market size Capturiant is targeting?
What makes Capturiant different?
What is Capturiant’s vision for the next several years?
Who is the Capturiant team?
What is the process for an issuer using Capturiant?
What is the process for an investor or product buyer using Capturiant?
What technology does Capturiant use?
Why is Capturiant using this technology vs. the technology of its competitors?
How secure is Capturiant?
How can I use Capturiant as an individual?
What does the Capturiant registry look like?
Do I need to submit a validation/verification work plan under GS4GG?
What are the validation/verification requirements? How does that process work?
How do you transition a CDM-registered carbon project to Capturiant?
Why is Capturiant Environmental Assets Exchange located in the Bahamas?
Has Capturiant already been licensed to operate?
Does DARE regulation only cover carbon credits, or are other assets covered too?
If carbon credits aren’t recognized under US securities or commodities regulations,
are US persons restricted from trading or listing on the Capturiant platform?

Carbon Credits

What are carbon credits?
What is a carbon offset?
How are carbon credits created?
What is additionality?
What are baselines?
What is permanence?
How are credits calculated?
How are the projects that create carbon credits funded?
What is the difference between Blue, Green, and White carbon credits?
What is the difference between voluntary vs. compliance credits?
Is the voluntary carbon market regulated?
Are carbon credits a commodity?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of carbon credits and carbon trading?
What are the shortfalls of the trade in carbon?
What does COP mean?
What is the Kyoto Protocol?
What does the Kyoto Protocol have to do with carbon markets?
What greenhouse gases are involved in the Kyoto Protocol?
Which is the largest carbon trading market?
What are some carbon exchanges?
What is the history of the carbon market?
What are the three basic types of carbon trading?
What are the three methods to reduce and offset GHG emissions?
What are the two main types of emissions?
What is the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)?
What is Joint Implementation?
What is a carbon tax?
What is a cap-and-trade system?
What are the benefits of carbon trading?
What are some of the challenges facing carbon markets?
What does a carbon emissions trader do?
What is the difference between carbon trading and emission trading?
How is the price of carbon set?
What kind of benefits will Korean exporting companies regarding CBAM in purchasing
voluntary carbon credits from Capturiant?
Can these credits be used to mitigate Scope 1 or Scope 3 carbon emissions?
Does Capturiant issued voluntary carbon credits have same authentic power with like
Verra or Gold Standard?

Industry: Water Rights

What are water rights?
What is the difference between surface water and groundwater?
How are water rights determined?
What types of water rights are there?

Product Questions

What is sequestering? What are the general advantages of this carbon reduction strategy?
What is a PEAC?
What is the procedure for registering projects in the EU to generate European Union
Alpha (EUA) credits?
Can EUA credits be traded on the Capturiant platform?

Government Involvement

What is the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act of 2022?
What are emission trading systems?
Why are governments interested in these trading systems?
As governments are considering linking their emissions trading systems,
what are some of the most important points for them to keep in mind? 
What is the importance of engaging stakeholders early in the process?
Why is it important to have such early stakeholder engagement?
What are some of the issues that negotiators in the carbon markets are grappling with?
Which countries have carbon trading?
Could carbon trading work internationally?
How can we be sure carbon offsets really work?
What is COP27? What were the goals?
What are COP summits?


What is ESG?
How has ESG evolved?
How does ESG investment work?

Capturiant 1031

What is an IRS 1031 exchange?
What is the cash boot in a 1031 exchange?
What is Capturiant 1031™?
What are mineral sequestration projects?
Who can benefit from Capturiant 1031™?
What is the process for a real estate investor to get involved with this business structure?
Who is responsible for managing the mineral sequestration projects?
How are carbon credits sold and who are the typical buyers?
How does a business guarantee the legitimacy and value of carbon credits?
Will purchasing mineral rights affect the overall timeline of the 1031 exchange?
Is there a minimum or maximum threshold for the acquisition of mineral rights?
What are the benefits of partnering with Capturiant 1031™ vs. completing a typical 1031 exchange?

Capturiant Clear

What is Capturiant Clear?
Who can list their projects on Capturiant Clear?
What are the requirements for listing a project?
Is there a fee to list a project on Capturiant Clear?
Does listing a project on Capturiant Clear mean it is verified and validated?
Can we choose another registry or exchange after listing on Capturiant Clear?
What support does Capturiant offer to projects listed on Capturiant Clear?
How does Capturiant Clear benefit investors and credit buyers?
How can we contact Capturiant for more information or to list our project?

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