Our Focus

The Capturiant solution is built to facilitate the issuance, administration,
and trading of unique Environmental Asset Credits.

Platform Components


We use the Hedera Hashgraph to maintain immutable records of assets issued by validated environmental projects, tracking the creation, ownership, transfer, retirement, and authenticity of Environmental Asset Credits (EACs).


Our online marketplace facilitates over-the-counter sale and purchase of EACs, supporting price discovery of listed assets and designed with environmental developers, ESG investors, and corporations with ESG strategies in mind.

Native Exchange (Coming Soon)

With the launch of our exchange, Capturiant will enable even greater price discovery than OTC transactions, while simultaneously enabling greater EAC liquidity.

Asset Types

At the moment, our focus on quality means we are limiting EAC issuance to projects that reduce or remove carbon emissions created by the largest source of pollutants: oil and gas, mining, petrochemicals, and power generation.

In the future, we plan to expand to EAC futures, water rights, resilience bonds, and any other environmental asset for which there is a market.

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