Regulatory Approval of Capturiant, First Regulated Environmental Assets Exchange

March 2, 2023

Houston, TX – Capturiant, a global environmental asset validator, registry, and exchange, announced that the Securities Commission of Bahamas (SCB) has given approval upon condition for the company to operate a digital asset exchange under the DARE Act. Capturiant may not begin exchange operations until receiving final approval, but this represents a massive step forward for carbon markets and for Capturiant, which has been operating in a non-exchange OTC manner since January 1, 2023 and has already begun issuing credits for approved projects.  

Capturiant is focused on being the leader in hydrocarbon and technology-based carbon credit issuance. Sectors such as oil & gas, power, petrochemicals, mining, real estate, and high-technology are critical to the growth and success of the carbon credit market, and will form the core basis of credits issued on the Capturiant exchange. The exchange will be open to carbon and biodiversity credits and offsets, water rights, and other green financial instruments. Utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and warranty coverage, Capturiant operates on a regulated private-sector model to provide standardized methodologies, rapid processing, and lower-cost validation to an inefficient and outdated industry. 

The Capturiant team consists of financially regulated and highly experienced staff fluent in securities, banking, custody, valuation, commodities, and digitalization. With this skillset, Capturiant is bringing much-needed enhancements to the trust, transparency, quality, tracking, distribution, retirement, and risk management of carbon credits and other ESG instruments.

“We are thrilled to be launching Capturiant and to offer a fresh, innovative approach to environmental asset validation and exchange,” said James C. Row, CFA, founder and CEO of Capturiant. “The carbon market has been plagued by scandals and inefficiency, and investors don’t know who to trust. Capturiant is dedicated to solving this issue and bringing much-needed transparency and trust to the market.”

“We are also proud to be partnering with Hedera Hashgraph to track the issuance and ownership of environmental assets listed on the Capturiant exchange," added Row. "Hedera is the most-used enterprise-grade public network and has a near-zero carbon footprint, enabling seamless integration with other protocols in an environmentally-friendly, fast, and highly scalable ecosystem." Legal counsel at DLA Piper was additionally instrumental in assisting Capturiant throughout the application and review process.

Capturiant's official launch represents a major milestone and marks the beginning of a new era in environmental asset validation and exchange. Capturiant is headquartered in Houston, with branch offices to be established in Zurich, Abu Dhabi, and Nassau. By offering a reliable and efficient marketplace, Capturiant aims to become the go-to destination for issuers and buyers of environmental assets.

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