Have Your Carbon Credits been Authenticated?

September 19, 2023

Authentication? Yes, it’s been missing from the environmental assets sector until 2023. As corporations globally are prioritizing carbon-neutral initiatives, the process of authenticating carbon credit projects has gained notable prominence. So, what exactly does Authentication encompass, and why is it so pivotal?

Authentication: Authentication is an intensive process in which a carbon reduction, removal, or avoidance project is rigorously evaluated for its eligibility to mint carbon credits and its inclusion in a carbon credit registry. This involves scrutiny of key project documents including validation, verification, monitoring, and project design.

Validation: The validation confirms the project’s potential to meet carbon reduction objectives, while verification ensures actions have been executed as planned. Monitoring documents provide a consistent record of the project’s performance over time, and project design documents ensure the project is well-planned and practical. Through this process, each project’s credibility and potential impact are confirmed before it is accepted into the registry.

Due Diligence: For Capturiant, the Authentication process is more than a step in the process: It is a fundamental cornerstone of due diligence that underscores our commitment to ensuring the legitimacy of carbon credits. Authentication confirms transparency and accountability in the market, instilling confidence in buyers and investors. In addition, it sets a high bar for project developers and Verification and Validation Bodies, thus reinforcing the credibility of the carbon market. The Capturiant team whose members are experienced FINRA/SEC licensed individuals takes the viewpoint that authentication for environmental assets is similar to the due diligence of a securities offering where background checks, provenance, sponsors, and financial criteria are of utmost importance.

Unlike other carbon market registries such as Verra and Gold Standard, Capturiant’s meticulous and proprietary Authentication process stands out, providing unmatched reliability and impact. While these industry leaders have set benchmarks, Capturiant has carved a unique space by front-running the new ICVCM principles. Our rigorous securities-inspired due diligence, spearheaded by a team well-versed in FINRA/SEC protocols, ensures that the carbon credit market benefits from tangible actions and documented results.

The outcome of Capturiant’s diligence is profound: their authenticated projects aim to mitigate 35 million tons of CO2 emissions. Moreover, their dedication to asset-backed credits brings an added layer of trust for buyers. In the rare event of a reversal, buyers receive compensation via revenue from mineral sales or replacement credits. This commitment showcases Capturiant’s potential to bring unprecedented transparency and scale to the carbon credit landscape.

For carbon credits you can trust, choose Capturiant. www.capturiant.com

This article was written by Caleb Stocking.
This article does not constitute legal or investment advice.

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