Capturiant Monthly Newsletter July 20

July 20, 2023


Announcement: Official Launch!

Capturiant has officially launched as the first regulated environmental asset exchange, staffed by FINRA-registered employees and operating under the Bahamas’ DARE regulatory framework. We are now onboarding both project developers and buyers of high-quality carbon credits looking to take advantage of an innovative and professional approach to environmental assets.

Capturiant's official launch represents a major milestone and marks the beginning of a new era in environmental asset validation, registration and exchange. With onboarding for the exchange’s first two listings well underway, we are determined to execute on a current pipeline of dozens of listings by the end of 2023. By offering a reliable and efficient marketplace, Capturiant aims to become the premier destination for project developers and buyers of environmental assets.

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Upcoming Event: Hart Energy Conference

The Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference

Hart Energy LIVE presents the premier oil and gas conference focused on managing carbon emissions and adopting ESG initiatives as the industry embraces this ongoing energy evolution. With an influx of federal funds and some pressure from shareholders, energy companies are looking to invest in carbon and environmental projects like never before.

The Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference will highlight carbon capture and storage projects and technologies onshore and offshore, direct air capture, enhanced oil recovery, responsibly sourced gas, renewable natural gas, federal funding challenges and insurance issues, ESG initiatives, regulatory concerns and much more.

Capturiant founder and CEO James C. Row will be speaking on the process of buying carbon credits and how companies can commercialize emissions performance. Subscribers to the Capturiant newsletter can get 20% off registration with the
promo code: Capturiant23.



Dilemma: The Standards Problem in Carbon Markets

The basic theory behind carbon markets is that companies wishing to reduce their carbon footprint can fund other companies’ emission removal and reduction efforts by purchasing carbon offsets, each of which represents one tonne of removed or reduced CO2, or other greenhouse gas (GHG). However, this system can only achieve its purpose if offsets are properly vetted to ensure the claimed emissions removal or reductions are real, a process known as validation. Unfortunately, the current system of validation suffers two major issues in terms of standards:

1. Outdated standards for projects
2. Lack of professional standards
Together these factors prevent carbon markets from being a fully effective means of reducing and removing carbon emissions.



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Capturiant is a validator, registry, and regulated exchange, driven by digital ledger technology that aims to propel the environmental asset credit space forward with transparency and standardization.  For more information on minting or purchasing environmental asset credits, please contact a member of our team.

James C. Row, CFA
D: +1.832.987.2525

Pedro Blanco
Managing Director, Business Development
D: +1.713.823.2900

John Terrill
Managing Director
D: +1.832.275.1672

Robert C. Mara
Managing Director
D: +1.617.828.7400

Sam Stokes
D: +1.832.987.4013


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