Capturiant Monthly Newsletter December 04

December 4, 2023



1PointFive’s STRATOS project, once completed, will be the world’s largest Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility. With investment from BlackRock, the project is designed to capture up to 500,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.  Construction activities for STRATOS are approximately 30 percent complete and the facility is expected to be commercially operational in mid-2025. The STRATOS DAC process uses two closed chemical loops to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide captured by this process is transported for safe and secure storage deep underground in saline formations, while the other chemicals involved are non-toxic and re-used in the process, making it highly efficient.

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The Prudent Path to Carbon Neutrality: Managed Carbon Credit Pools

In efforts to reduce their emissions impact, companies have traditionally taken a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, cherry-picking carbon credit projects to match their emissions. This method, while well-intentioned, is risky and inefficient. Individual projects, whether they involve planting trees or building wind farms, come with uncertainties and a magnitude of different risk exposures. The costs associated with independently evaluating and choosing among various projects are significant, and the work is unrelated to most businesses’ core competencies. Managed offset pools provide an alternative in which specialized service providers curate a diversified portfolio of carbon offset credits.




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The Newest Airline Climate Solution? Burying Sawdust

American Airlines is joining the race to remove carbon from the atmosphere, tapping a novel method that is much cheaper than many existing approaches. The airline company is purchasing credits from a startup that uses bricks of carbon-absorbing plant material to sharply lower costs, potentially making carbon removal a widely used climate solution earlier than anticipated. It is one of the first carbon-removal deals by an airline and shows how some of the biggest corporate emitters are trying to find new ways to cut their environmental footprint.



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Capturiant is a global environmental asset authenticator, registry, and exchange operating on a regulated private-sector model utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and warranty coverage. The Capturiant team consists of financially regulated and highly experienced staff fluent in securities, banking, custody, valuation, commodities, and digitalization. With this skillset, we are bringing standardized methodologies and rapid processing to an inefficient and outdated industry.Capturiant’s business model leverages DLT and warranty coverage to greatly enhance the trust, transparency, quality, tracking, distribution, retirement, and risk management of environmental assets and ESG instruments. Our process and compliance expertise provides exactly the level of trust and transparency issuers, investors, buyers, and sellers need throughout the entire ESG sector and asset class.

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