Capturiant Monthly Newsletter August 24

August 24, 2023



The Capcom Sequestration project is geared towards the prevention of venting and flaring of non-economic associated gas from existing oil wells in West Texas. This specific gas was not considered economical by the producer for recovery due to its high Hydrogen Sulfide content and its distance from a gas sales line. As a result, this gas was being vented and flared on location.

The project aims to sequester this waste stream to prevent environmental release. This is done by gathering the gas to a central point, treating it with a scavenger to reduce its corrosion potential, compressing it, and then injecting it into a depleted oil well. The target well is at the end of its life cycle, making it significantly under-pressured and ideal for methane sequestration. The model predicts the elimination of 328,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually for the first five years.

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Upcoming Event: Hart Energy Conference

The Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference

Hart Energy LIVE presents the premier oil and gas conference focused on managing carbon emissions and adopting ESG initiatives as the industry embraces this ongoing energy evolution. With an influx of federal funds and some pressure from shareholders, energy companies are looking to invest in carbon and environmental projects like never before.

The Carbon & ESG Strategies Conference will highlight carbon capture and storage projects and technologies onshore and offshore, direct air capture, enhanced oil recovery, responsibly sourced gas, renewable natural gas, federal funding challenges and insurance issues, ESG initiatives, regulatory concerns and much more.

Capturiant founder and CEO James C. Row will be speaking on the process of buying carbon credits and how companies can commercialize emissions performance. Subscribers to the Capturiant newsletter can get 20% off registration with the
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The Wild West of the Carbon Market

One might assume that an industry as important to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as the carbon credit market would be regulated to ensure transparent and trustworthy transactions and business practices, but the reality is that the carbon credit market is in fact the Wild West with little to no government oversight. This unregulated environment increases the risk of fraud and mismanagement, undermines the credibility of the carbon credit system and reduces confidence in the market.

Recent revelations calling into question major forestry credit projects highlight these regulatory shortcomings. Regulation of carbon credits as financial instruments, and of validation bodies and registries as securities institutions, is necessary to move the industry forward.



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Capturiant is a validator, registry, and regulated exchange, driven by digital ledger technology that aims to propel the environmental asset credit space forward with transparency and standardization.  For more information on minting or purchasing environmental asset credits, please contact a member of our team.

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