Capturiant Launches First Regulated Environmental Asset Exchange

July 10, 2023


Capturiant, a subsidiary of Entoro, LLC and a global environmental asset validator, registry, and exchange, today announced its official launch. The company is now onboarding both project developers and buyers of high-quality carbon credits. With the support of The Hashgraph Association (THA), who provided funding, technical architecture, engineering, and strategic advisory for the solution to maximize Hedera technology to track the creation, retirement, and status of credits listed on its registry.

Through collaboration with strategic partners on the cutting-edge of regenerative finance (ReFi) and digital assets, Capturiant offers issuers a way to validate, register and transact credits of environmental assets. The consortium of development partners includes: The Hashgraph Association (funding, engineering, strategy), DLA Piper (provided legal counsel), KrypC (development partner), Hex Trust (licensed custodian), and Evercity (structuring).

KrypC's expertise in developing blockchain solutions led to the efficient and cost-effective delivery of the Capturiant platform. Capturiant operates on a regulated private-sector model to provide standardized methodologies, rapid processing, and lower-cost validation to an inefficient, nontransparent, and outdated industry. Capturiant’s financially regulated staff is fluent in securities, banking, custody, valuation, commodities, and digitalization. With this skill-set, Capturiant is enhancing the administration and risk management of carbon credits and other ESG instruments.

James C. Row, Founder and CEO of Capturiant, stated, “We are thrilled to be launching Capturiant and to offer a fresh and innovative approach to environmental asset validation, registration and exchange. The carbon market has been plagued by scandals and inefficiency, and investors don’t know who to trust. Capturiant is dedicated to solving this issue and bringing much-needed transparency and trust to the market.

“Current credit issuers are non-profits, and the process for validation and exchange can be slow, opaque, and costly. With Capturiant, issuers and buyers will benefit from rapid processing and lower costs, as well as a trusted marketplace for environmental assets operated by a regulated team.”

Capturiant's official launch represents a major milestone and marks the beginning of a new era in environmental asset validation, registration and exchange. With onboarding for the exchange’s first two listings well underway, the company is determined to execute on a current pipeline of more than 50 additional listings by the end of 2023. By offering a reliable and efficient marketplace, Capturiant aims to become the premier destination for project developers and buyers of environmental assets.

Capturiant is headquartered in Houston and anticipates establishing branch offices in Zurich, Abu Dhabi, and Nassau.

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The Hashgraph Association
The Hashgraph Association supports training and education programs across multiple industry verticals. At the forefront is the digital enablement and empowerment of the public through the broad adoption of Hedera-powered, enterprise-grade solutions and applications in the decentralized economy, which include accreditation and certification. As a non-profit, The Association funds innovation, research, and development for the benefit of economic inclusion with a positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact.
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Hex Trust
Hex Trust is a fully-licensed digital asset custodian that provides solutions for protocols, foundations, financial institutions, and the Web3 ecosystem. We have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy, and Vietnam.
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KrypC is a leading Blockchain technology company, empowering Enterprises and Startups to enter the web3 world with innovative solutions. With expertise in Hyperledger and Hedera protocols, we offer specialized services and our flagship product, KrypCore, streamlines blockchain development. We develop domain-centric platforms, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and security. As a trusted partner, we solve blockchain challenges, providing reliable, scalable solutions for businesses in the evolving blockchain ecosystem.
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Capturiant, a subsidiary of Entoro, LLC, is a global environmental asset validator, registry, and exchange operating on a regulated private sector model utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and warranty coverage. The Capturiant team consists of financially regulated and highly experienced staff fluent in securities, banking, custody, valuation, commodities, and digitalization. Bringing standardized methodologies, rapid processing, and lower-cost validation to an inefficient and outdated industry, credits are digitized and custodied on the Capturiant platform, enabling global transactions. Capturiant leverages DLT and warranty coverage to greatly enhance the trust, transparency, quality, tracking, distribution, extinguishment, and risk management of environmental assets. Compliance expertise provides the level of trust and transparency issuers, investors, buyers, and sellers need throughout the entire environmental asset class.

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