Capturiant Gets Conditional Approval for Carbon Credit Exchange

March 3, 2023

Capturiant, the company behind what is being called the world’s first regulated environmental digital asset validation and exchange, has been conditionally approved by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas to operate as an exchange, its founder and CEO told Hart Energy.

Utilizing Hedera Hashgraph-distributed ledger technology and warranty coverage, the exchange is expected to begin operations after receiving final approval in April from the Securities Commission, among other required regulatory approvals.

“We are thrilled to be launching Capturiant and to offer a fresh, innovative approach to environmental asset validation and exchange,” said James C. Row, founder and CEO of Capturiant. “The carbon market has been plagued by scandals and inefficiency, and investors don’t know who to trust. Capturiant is dedicated to solving this issue and bringing much-needed transparency and trust to the market.”


Capturiant Launches With No-Drill Carbon Credit Product

The exchange will be open to carbon and biodiversity credits and offsets, water rights and other
ESG instruments, the company said, operating on a regulated private-sector model to provide standardized methodologies, rapid processing and lower-cost validation.

The exchange is built upon so-called “keep-it-in-the-ground credits.” An oil and gas minerals owner or producer would keep undeveloped, proven reserves in the ground versus developing the asset, producing the hydrocarbons and selling them. The move could pave the path for decarbonization, possibly creating carbon sequestration plays.

Capturiant worked with Dallas-based Bad Carbon, developers of the Geologic Environmental Mineral Sequestration (GEMS) process, on the platform for the exchange.

Headquartered in Houston, Capturiant plans to open offices in Zurich, Abu Dhabi and Nassau.

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