Capturiant and Net Zero Holdings Announce First International Capturiant Franchise

January 15, 2024

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 / -- Capturiant, the world’s first energy-derived carbon credit and environmental asset authenticator, registry, and regulated exchange, is pleased to announce the establishment of its first international franchise in South Korea, in partnership with NetZero Holdings. This partnership marks a significant step in expanding access to open-access environments for the purchase, sale, trading, and retirement of high-quality carbon credits and other environmental assets.

Capturiant operates on a regulated private-sector model to provide standardized methodologies, rapid processing, and lower-cost services to an inefficient, nontransparent, and outdated industry. Capturiant’s financially regulated staff is fluent in securities, banking, custody, valuation, commodities, and digitalization. With this skill set, Capturiant is enhancing the administration and risk management of carbon credits and other ESG instruments.

Net Zero Holdings works with a range of clients in both the private and public sectors to establish carbon neutrality strategies, help them successfully cope with regulatory challenges, and discover impactful carbon credit projects across the globe. Their knowledgeable and experienced team has brough a wide range of investment opportunities in energy and carbon credit projects to Korea.

Capturiant stands apart from other registries and exchanges in its dedication to regulatory compliance and private-sector management. Additionally, Capturiant is unique in its emphasis on engineered solutions beyond traditional nature-based carbon credit projects.

Capturiant and NetZero Holdings are poised to create a paradigm shift in the carbon credit industry in South Korea, a nation increasingly emphasizing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This collaboration will provide South Korean entities with unparalleled access to a diverse range of environmental assets through Capturiant's advanced platform, fostering a more sustainable future in one of Asia's most dynamic economies. The establishment of this franchise is just the beginning, with the continued expansion of Capturiant’s global footprint to take place in the coming months.

About Capturiant

Capturiant, a subsidiary of Entoro, LLC, is a global environmental asset authenticator, registry, and exchange operating on a regulated private sector model utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and warranty coverage. The Capturiant team consists of financially regulated and highly experienced staff fluent in securities, banking, custody, valuation, commodities, and digitalization. Bringing standardized methodologies, rapid processing, and lower-cost services to an inefficient and outdated industry, credits are digitized and custodied on the Capturiant platform, enabling global transactions. Compliance expertise provides the level of trust and transparency issuers, investors, buyers, and sellers need throughout the entire environmental asset class.

About Net Zero Holdings

Net Zero Holdings, a carbon and energy investment and technical advisory firm, is Korea’s leading net-zero solutions provider. They leverage their experience, knowledge, and global network to develop and deliver a range of net-zero solutions and services to help Korean companies, local governments, and other organizaitons respond successfully to the challenges of energy transition and carbon neutrality.

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