Advancing Decarbonization through Public-Private Partnerships: Substantia Eco and Capturiant Announce Strategic Alliance to Assist Public Entities

April 19, 2023

Founders of Substantia Eco and Capturiant announced today during the annual gathering of EarthX (Dallas, Texas) and the start of Earth Week, a Strategic Alliance to leverage existing public sector physical assets - rights of way, under-developed raw landholdings, adjacent forested tracks - to serve as carbon capture and storage sites with measurable economic benefit to municipal, county, state, and the federal government.

This will allow for a collaboration between an environmental exchange and investment advisory service for Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage ("CCUS") and other related environmental programs.


Richard Seline, Managing Partner of ROAR ("Resilience Opportunity Advisors and Resources") and Co- Founder of the Resilience Innovation Hub, stated: "We seek to monetize under-utilized assets by generating value - financial and societal - for elected and appointed officials, by generating additional carbon sequestration value and provide measurable environmental benefits. Each project will serve the purpose of measurable and reportable metrics regarding public sector ESG, Environmental Social Impact, and related Community Benefit supported by our Resilience Insights Scorecard."


The goal of the alliance is to target public sector assets for carbon capture and assist groups such as Departments of Transportation, Facilities and Asset Management Offices, Sustainability and Resilience Officers, Chief Financial and Operations Officers in achieving their carbon capture goals for immediate and long-term objectives.


James C. Row, CFA, CEO and Founder of Capturiant, recognizes that financial, fiscal, and economic significance of market capitalization for a new class of assets in the ESG sector. Row suggests "by launching a trusted, regulated, and performance driven platform to validate the economics of CCUS, we will work with Substantia Eco in driving opportunities for public sector enterprises to spark new resources for financial management, debt retirement, green-sustainable-resilience instruments, and create an open and transparent exchange of environmental asset credits and offsets."


In announcing their strategic alliance, Substantia Eco will advise public sector clients on the aggregation of available landholdings for CCUS placement as an environmental asset to analyze and price according to market standards and practices. Through proven and recognized measurement of capacity and verification of CCUS models, Capturiant will conduct financial, economic, and methodology validation to generate a real physical asset (“Public Environmental Asset Liquidity” or PEALs), and therefore create a new asset for the entity’s balance sheet.

Substantia Eco will provide innovation and investment advisory to public entities by assisting in managing designated assets for value generation from CCUS methodologies, with a focus on innovative and impactful projects, identify all options for said value generation to public entities including alternative offsets, credits, and market exchange issuance scenarios, and identify, apply all existing federal drivers for CCUS and related Infrastructure Investment Act scenarios to maximize resources leading to the leverage of national and regional banking, financial institution resources.


Capturiant is a global environmental asset validator, registry, and exchange operating on a regulated private- sector model utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and warranty coverage. The Capturiant team consists of financially regulated and highly experienced staff fluent in securities, banking, custody, valuation, commodities, and digitalization. Bringing standardized methodologies, rapid processing, and lower-cost validation to an inefficient and outdated industry, credits are digitized and custodied on the Capturiant platform, enabling global transactions. Capturiant leverages DLT and warranty coverage to greatly enhance the trust, transparency, quality, tracking, distribution, extinguishment, and risk management of credits and ESG instruments. Compliance expertise provides the level of trust and transparency issuers, investors, buyers, and sellers need throughout the entire ESG sector and asset class.


Additional information on Capturiant is available from Sam Stokes: | (713) 823-2900

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