List of Approved Validation Bodies

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The following Validation Bodies meet the VVB Requirements as outlined in the VVB Requirements Document.   

In accordance with Section 5.1 of the VVB Requirements, to be an “approved” Validation Body, the Validation Body must meet a majority of the following minimum requirements: 

  • Agreed to the obligations, representations and warranties of the Validation Body Agreement (“Agreement to Validation Body Agreement”);  
  • Has implemented risk management policies and procedures (“Risk Management”);  
  • Has implemented the necessary regulatory compliance policies and procedures (“Regulatory Compliance"), if applicable;  
  • Holds at least one (1) regulatory license and/or registration with any commodities, securities, or environmental regulator (“Licensed”) , if applicable;  
  • Has an entity structure that is integrated with a regulated finance, banking or securities regulated entity (“Financial Regulator Integration”) , if applicable;  
  • Has the necessary insurance to cover fraud and/or errors in the Validation services (“Insurance”) , if applicable; and 
  • Any additional enumerated qualifications (“Additional Qualifications”) , if applicable.   


The entities listed below are Capturiant Approved Validation Bodies.  The “X” in each box indicates that the particular Validation Body meets the listed requirement: