Capturiant Monthly Newsletter October 30

October 30, 2023


Global Energy Partners' Miller Mountain Project

The Miller Mountain Project, through the voluntary hydrocarbon abatement and sequestration methodology, provides an incentive mechanism to permanently prevent economically viable hydrocarbons from being produced from the project site located in one of the most prolific natural gas-producing areas in the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays. By creating a legal barrier to the extraction of new natural gas and associated hydrocarbons, this project reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to the avoided emissions associated with their extraction, processing, transportation, refinement, and end-use (i.e., combustion). The project covers the emission reductions from voluntary hydrocarbon abatement project activities resulting in the natural gas and associated hydrocarbons remaining permanently sequestered in their original geologic formations, the Upper Marcellus Formation.

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Why Non-Nature-Based Credits Are the Future of Carbon Markets

The landscape of carbon offsetting is rapidly evolving. Historically, nature-based credits, particularly those generated by forestry and land-use projects such as REDD+, have dominated the market. However, recent developments have significantly tarnished their credibility, bringing their limitations into sharp focus. As a result, market leaders are shifting their attention to non-nature-based credits to meet their offsetting needs. This post delves into why non-nature-based credits not only represent a viable alternative but also the future of carbon markets.



Future of Finance

Can the carbon credit markets institutionalise and tokenise at the same time?



The dubious impact of carbon credit pioneer South Pole

Nature-based credits continue to take a beating as a New Yorker investigation reveals that forestry credits sold by South Pole were based on massive exaggeration of impact. Additionally, the investigation has raised serious questions as to the nature of the international financing involved in international nature-based carbon credit projects.



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